Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial
Just a quick step by step showing how to make a 7 flower cupcake bouquet.
Step 1 - Choose your container - top want to be 6" or more for 7 cake bouquet. Draw around onto thin cake card and cut circle slightly smaller so that it will fit inside container.
Step 2 - Staple 7 Clear disposable cups together - these are the 7oz ones and I find that the cupcakes sit really well inside the tops of them.
Step 3 - Hot glue the bottoms of the cups on the outside edge and stick to the board. Now check that this will fit inside your container. If you have cut the board smaller it will fit fine.
Step 4 - Cut tissue paper large enough to cover sides of cups.
I cut two sheets and also one sheet of acetate as I think this makes it look like a real bouqet from the florist. So acetate on bottom then two sheets of tissue and twist them around so they are staggered
Step 5 - Place the cups and board in the centre of the tissue and acetate [acetate on the bottom] and turn over - using a rubber band to secure around the board.
Step 6 - Turn over and fluff the tissue into nice folds around the cups. Now push into your container
Step 7 - Add your cupcakes. You can either pipe the rose swirls on and leave to set before placing into cups or you can put the cakes into the cups and then pipe the swirls - this way you don't squish the buttercream at all when you are handling them. Add some silk greenery if you wish.
And the finished cupcake bouquet. Add a nice big bow to complete.