Adult Cakes

  “X” rated cakes of every description can be made from orgies to flashers, favourite cars adorned with nudes, boobs and bare bottoms, let your imagination run wild. We are not easily offended and are open to suggestions - however bizarre !! We will be pleased to send uncensored pictures or more designs to GENUINE enquiries

We can turn your favourite photo or picture it into an edible work of art.  Just send us your photo or any picture and we will recreate it as a cake!  See our photo cakes page CLICK HERE

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Browse some of the latest fun saucy novelties for a great hen party, stag party or just a fun saucy novelty gift for friend, relative or colleague.Click here
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 If you have an idea for an ‘adult’ cake please telephone us on 01423 340024 (mobile 07730 144175) or e-mail us by clicking below - genuine enquiries only please

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