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From this page you can access all anniversary cake galleries - Please visit all of our galleries as the cakes can all be made in different colours.
Please click on the links below. All cakes have been made by and are copyright of Cakes Unlimited.
They may only be downloaded for personal use in choosing a wedding cake and may not be used for commercial gain.

From your first wedding anniversary to seventy years of marriage - celebrate with a cake - Below is a list of what each anniversary represents - we can decorate your cake to reflect this. 1st paper : 2nd Cotton : 3rd Leather : 4th Silk or Flowers : 5th Wood : 6th Iron or Sugar : 7th Wool or Copper : 8th Bronze : 9th Pottery : 10th Tin : 11th Steel : 12th Silk or Linen :
13th Lace : 14th Ivory : 15th Crystal : 20th China : 25th Silver : 30th Pearl : 35th Coral : 40th Ruby : 45th Sapphire : 50th Gold : 55th Emerald : 60th Diamond : 70th Platinum
Click on the appropriate Gallery below to see pictures of our anniversary cakes. These are just a few of our designs - if you would like to see more please contact us or make an appointment

Silver Anniversary Cakes

Pearl Anniversary Cakes

Ruby Anniversary Cakes

Gold Anniversary Cakes

Diamond Anniversary Cakes

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